Thursday, November 26th, 2015

Curtains For Bay Windows

Curtains for Bay Window Options

Many homeowners are overjoyed to walk through their new home and discover a lovely bay window.  They are a beautiful addition to any home and one that is highly prized.  Usually however this excitement is overshadows by despair... 

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Blinds for Bay Windows

Bay windows are a great opportunity to transform your home into a spectacular place that you are proud to show off, but of course it must also remain functional. While you want your window to be an elegant addition to your style... 

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Curtain Ideas for Bay Windows

Bay windows, while being a beautiful addition to a room, can present some dilemmas when it comes to window treatments. It can be difficult to choose a curtain or drapes that accent the shape and look of the window and works well... 

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Hang Curtains For Bay Windows

While bay windows are a popular feature in any home, any homeowner who has one can tell you that it’s a challenge to decorate and accessorize this part of your home. Even though you have a lot of options on what to do with the... 

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Curtain Rods for Bay Windows

Bay windows offer homeowners an aesthetic view that simply cannot be easily match by any other windows. Bay windows are constructed using three window panes that create an angled bay but look like a single window. However, because... 

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Drapes for Bay Windows

Every homeowner dreams of having a big bay window in their home that spreads the natural sunlight throughout the whole room. These windows are built in three sections that protrude away from the wall and create an alcove that... 

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